About Us


Our Humble Beginnings

Today, our store is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Our store began in 1993 with humble beginnings. God placed it into the heart of an 18 year old young lady by the name of T.Y. Randolph to step out in faith and follow her dreams. As a little girl she always enjoyed looking beautiful and playing dress up. So without fear and a whole lot of zeal she tells the story of how she got a bright idea to go down to her local flea market and ask around to see if any of the vendors there would share their vendor contacts. After about an hour of walking from booth to booth with no luck. She came across a man who was nice enough to give her some clues as to how to start a flea market business. Then he recommended she stop by the the leasing office to grab a vendors list book. She literally sat for days making  contacts with wholesale companies through phone calls. Years traveling to their establishments to establish relationships. Because there  was no internet nor google back then.   With $100 in hand she invested in what would become her flea market hobby. After some time she began to sale hip hop clothing for young men. She later became one of the first distributors for a new perm at the time by the name of Mizani. She later branched out from the flea market to the trunk of her car selling handbags, jewelry and shoes.  She enjoyed years of frequenting salons and barbershops . Whereby, she sold nail supplies, hair products and a variety of other supplies to local barbers and cosmetologist. Family events, local events, collegiate football games and local gas stations were not off limits. She went on years later to open a Thrift Shop. In 2016, she launched out independently with her online business. Which carries clothing, shoes, accessories, and hair. 

Approximately, 30 years later Tamara is still making fashion dreams come true. Her company TRSN has a major online presence through a network of online stores. Such as this boutique store and TRSN Shop.  Her new Brand- Curtis Anthony is available in her stores now. In the very near future there are plans of expanding to provide personal styling and makeovers.

A Message From Customer Support

We understand  our customers need to engage with us.  At anytime during your shopping experience if  you may need our help . We are just a phone call away. Our main priority everyday is to provide you with the ultimate shopping experience. Thanks for shopping our store. And welcome to the family.

Hi,I’m Nikki from Jacksonville. You better believe my favorite place to shop is TRSN online. I love my new hat and sunglasses I purchased. Yes, I’m always searching for something new in the accessory shop.

Love, love, love everything!
Thanks Tamara